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SANOS's software and hardware page
Favorite Links

Links to my programs:

ATMEL AVR Programmers for MS Windows 95/98/Me/2K
Supported AVRs:
- ATtiny 10/11/12/15L/28;
- AT90S1200/2313/2323/2333/2343/4414/4433/4434/8515/8535
- AT90C8534
- ATmega103/161/163

Low-Voltage Serial Programmer (ISP)

Serial PCB1

Serial PCB2

Serial PCB 11

Serial PCB 12

Serial System

Hi-Voltage (12V) Parallel Programmer

Hi-Voltage (12V) Serial Programmer

Parallel PCB1

Parallel PCB2

Parallel PCB11

Parallel PCB12

Parallel Programming System

On request, I have removed the .EXE archives and replaced them with plain .zip archives.

You will find the schematics/PCBs in the executable itself.

I still need some AVRs to complete all real tests. Until now, I have tested my programmers with the following AVRs:
- AT90S8515
- AT90S2313
- AT90S2343
Could you send me some other AVRs, I would greatly appreciate it, because I couldn't find them at any shop in Bucharest

Dave Bodey, from Grand Blanc, MI, USA was very kind and provided an ATtiny15L sample for my tests.

Due to many new improvements, these stand-alone programmers are no longer supported. You can get the newest versions, plug-in based, just by looking on the page with "Parallel port projects".

In addition to the AVR programming software, you may find useful the following:

Schematic and PCB for a full-featured hardware LPT monitor.

I finally decided to post the schematics/PCB/software of the MP3 player controlled by 2 AVRs here.
Many thanks to Arne Hennig from the University of Chemnitz for helping me.

MP3 player based on 2 AVRs and a CD-ROM drive

MP3 Player Case

MP3 Player PCB Detail

MP3 Player Close case

MP3 Player @ Work

RC5 IR Remote Controller

OSD-like program that shows the state of CAPS, NUM and SCROLL Lock

Windows 89/Me/NT/2000 version

Win2K version only (faster)