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About Me

(very) short resume

My name is Cristian Stefan COPCEA.
I was born in Bucharest, Romania, on July 20th 1968.
I build electronic stuff since some 12 years and I started programming in 1986 on a Sinclair Spectrum clone built by myself (Z80 assembler and Basic).
I am a graduate of the Technical Military Academy based in Bucharest, with a major in military aircraft and turbo engines.
In 1999 I was successful in obtaining my MCSE.
Since 2000 I work for "Maulde Technologies S.A",
144 Rue de Rivoli Paris 75001, as Delphi programmer.
I am now programming mostly in Delphi. Where Delphi doesn't work, I program in assembler and C.
I also falled in love with Atmel's AVR class of micro-controllers and I spend my free time trying to make small gadgets. I program only in AVR assembler.
If I can, I avoid C because it is the least organized programming language I have ever encountered.